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A radio listener (Al) calls to talk to Dr. G about multiple health problems. Al has osteoarthritis, daily headaches and Klinefelter syndrome. On top of this …

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    A radio listener (Al) calls to talk to Dr. G about multiple health problems.

    Al has osteoarthritis, daily headaches and Klinefelter syndrome.

    On top of this he is allergic to seafood as he gets very nauseated and sick
    to his stomach.

    He also has a combination of cluster, tension and migraine headaches.

    Dr. G says that the osteoarthritis and the headaches are all different arms
    of the same octopus.

    This is an interesting thing to talk about because most people don’t
    understand this.

    The blood vessels or arteries that are in your body have muscles in them.

    The muscles constrict and relax kind of like a snake squiggling down the
    road in order to help the heart pump blood downstream.

    The muscle in the artery is no different than the muscle in your arm, leg
    or anywhere else in your body.

    When you run out of calcium and magnesium, the muscles start to tighten up,
    but they can’t relax.

    So, a muscle will constrict, then you will get a spasm or a cramp and then
    the muscle can’t relax.

    When that happens in your leg muscle you get a charley horse.

    When it happens in your artery you get high blood pressure, an increased
    blood flow to the part of the body is related to that blood vessel.

    Now, osteoarthritis, whether it is traumatic osteoarthritis or it just
    happens over a period of time, your body has lost the raw materials that it
    needs in order to keep the joints healthy.

    One of the main players in healthy joints is calcium and magnesium.

    In this case, Al has multiple mineral deficiencies, which are driving this
    illness forward and it’s gotten to be such a level of lowness in his body
    that it is coming out in more than one place.

    Klinefelter syndrome is built in and cannot be fixed as it is a genetic
    thing that you are born with.

    If we could go back in time and nutrify the mother 100% all through
    pregnancy, then chances are the Klinefelter’s never would have happened.

    This is because from our perspective, the majority of all chronic birth
    defects are caused by improper pre-natal nutrition.

    Due to the Klinefelter’s, Al has had to take depo testosterone for 30
    years, so he wants to know if there is anything else he can take to help
    his situation.

    Dr. G says that in order to help the testosterone work, your diet needs to
    be cholesterol friendly because all your sex hormones, including
    testosterone are made from cholesterol.

    You need the raw materials present to help your body generate its
    appropriate levels of hormones, especially if you are injecting hormones
    into the body.

    If the body has the raw materials present, then you are going to get more
    bang from the injections.

    You might even be able to cut it down by 50%.

    Al wants to know if he is going to have to take the testosterone injections
    for the rest of his life.

    Dr. G says yes since Klinefelter syndrome is a built in genetic thing, just
    like the color of your eyes is genetic.

    Once it is baked into the cake, you can’t change it.

    Dr. G says this is one of the things about modern medicine that is actually

    He says drugs are like guns.

    The drug isn’t the problem, it’s is how it’s used.

    Testosterone has been turned into a drug by the pharmaceutical industry and
    someone like Al can really benefit from testosterone use.

    Dr. G recommends that Al might even experiment with different forms of

    There is one that you can apply under your arm.

    Al says he tried that one and it gave him breathing problems and made his
    headaches even worse.

    Dr. G says that one of the things that his patients experience almost
    across the board once they have stopped eating foods that have net negative
    effects on their health, and they provide their body with all of the raw
    materials that it needs and fill up their nutritional tank with high
    quality nutrition supplements dosed according to their body weight, then
    all the enzymatic switches in your body turn on.

    The thing is that most people have gotten used to feeling like crap and
    running on fumes their entire life.

    It’s kind of like being stuck in a smoky restaurant forever and then you
    don’t notice the smoke any longer.

    Now, when you start taking the supplements and clean up your diet it is
    like going outside, then you go back into the restaurant and you say, oh my
    gosh is it smoky in here.

    It changes everything.

    So, when your body is nutrified appropriately and you have left off the bad
    foods from your diet, the prescription medicines that are necessary for you
    to take on a daily basis often have a more pronounced, more dramatic effect.

    One thing that Dr. G recommends that Al start doing is increase his amount
    of egg and butter consumption on a daily basis to increase the
    effectiveness of the testosterone since these foods are loaded with

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    You don’t know what you don’t know.

    Our primary mission is to educate you on Good Healthy Habits.

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    Dr. G show from 05-10-12(03).

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