Green detox drink lost 130 pounds gout arthritis pain relief depression detoxification body cleanse

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You blend this drink up in your blender for two to three minutes, i forgot that part and left it out, i apologize, the drink is just 3 cups of water half a head of romaine lettuce one peeled and deseeded lemon and one pepper if you want to increase the taste, but the pepper is not required, nor the lemon either, this increases absorbtion from 2% if chewed and swallow to 50% if blended up and that gives you a total increase in absorbtion of 2400% which will take away and remove everything in your body of a negative nature and manner that does not belong, given enough time, you only sip it throughout the day thats all, along with your regular intake of foods and liquids, give yourself around one hour after eating a main meal prior to sipping this drink again, thank you, Eric the actual recipe called for organic romaine lettuce and steam distilled water…
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