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The Health Benefits of Coconut Milk


The popularity of coconut milk is on the rise as people learn about the health benefits of this island fruit. Coconut milk is a healthy substitute for milk and one of nature's finest superfoods. It has been found to be very nutritional and well known among health conscious people. This video will explain in detail the health benefits of coconut milk and why it should be included in your daily liquid intake. A list of benefits are included for your review.

For a list of coconut milk recipes please go here http://www.celestialhealing.net/food_coconut_milk.htm

Arabic-Web-Health crisis looms in Mogadishu

In a city destroyed by a 20 year civil war, getting medical attention in Mogadishu is almost impossible. Although the African Union does operate a few clinics at their army bases, and the Somali government has just opened a new hospital, NGOs are staying away. And the Minister of Health is warning that unless the international community helps them soon, thousands of people will die through treatable diseases. A natural sound version of an AFPTV report.